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Don't cut your soap's life short, help prevent it becoming a messy blob by getting the accessory that suits. The traditional soap dish will lift your soap away from moisture and allow it to dry in between uses but if you're looking for something more avant-garde then consider a soap bag.

Soap bags will store your soap, hanging neatly inside a shower to help your soap dry in between uses and can also be used to exfoliate your skin; leave the soap in the bag, create a lather and exfoliate away or remove the soap, lather the soap onto the empty bag and use the bag flannel style
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Organic Hemp Soap Bag

Organic Hemp Soap Bag

Use your Soap Bag like a suspended soap dish! Prevents that sticky mess often associated with soap in a dish, reduces soap wastage and helps keep your soap in top condition. No more plastic shower gel bottles with a soap bag -Handmade in Essex, UK

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